Index of podcast episode scripts

Climate 201: Project Drawdown’s Climate Solutions

Climate 201: What on Earth is a Carbon Budget?

Climate 201: What’s Driving Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Climate 201: What On Earth is a Climate Change Scenario?

Climate 201: What on Earth are Greenhouse Gases?

DESERTEC and the dream of a Solar Sahara — podcast script edition

Subprime Attention Crisis and the Timebomb at the Heart of the Internet — Interview with Tim Hwang…

UK Citizens’ Assembly on Climate

Softbank’s Blurry Vision: Parts I-VI

Interview with Lord Martin Rees — Tran

The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories in US Public Life

Direct Detection of Dark Matter

Technology, inequality, and global catastrophic risks

COVID-19 and Climate Change: Parallels

The COVID-19 Pandemic: Podcast Script

Who Wants to Live Forever?

Drexler’s Model of CAIS

What Four-Year-Olds Can do That AI Can’t

Nuclear Fusion: The Last 20 Episodes [Podcast Scripts]

Nuclear Fusion, Episode IV: Teller’s Dream

Nuclear Fusion: The Semi-Empirical Mass Formula

Nuclear Fusion, Episodes I and II

Free Energy Scams (Episode Scripts)

The Laws of Thermodynamics [Podcast Scripts]

Interstellar, Starshot The Challenges of Interstellar Travel , the Starshot Project

Malicious AI Report

Nobel Prize 2017 Edition, Podcast Transcri


Concealing a Hadron — Particle Physics

Hothouse Earth and Heatwaves

Dimensional Analysis and Units


How Can We Save The World? Existential risks, and the philosophy of the end

TEOTWAWKI Bonus: Failed Predictions

The Rise and Fall of Nectome [Podcast Transcript]

We Can Always Shoot Them Later — 2018 Podcast Transcript

Stephen Hawking, The Voice of Physics [Podcast Transcript]

TEOTWAWKI Bonus: Alien Attack

TEOTWAWKI I: Nuclear Weapons
TEOTWAWKI II: Climate Change, Ecotastrophe

TEOTWAWKI Episode 3 — The Singularity (2017 Podcast Script)

TEOTWAWKI 4) Pandemics, Natural and Bioengineered (2017 Podcast Script)

TEOTWAWKI 5: Peak Oil (2017 Podcast Transcript)

TEOTWAWKI 7: Supervolcanoes (2017

TEOTWAWKI 8: Cyberwarfare (2017 Podcast Transcript)

[Only partial transcript available]

TEOTWAWKI 9: It Came From Outer Space (2017 Podcast Transcript)

TEOTWAWKI 10: Earthquakes (2017 Podcast Transcript)

Dimensional Analysis and Units

Isaac Newton (Episodes I-IV): Podcast Scripts
Fermi and Drake (2017 podcast script)

Extremely Thermonuclear Takes: Is There Life on Venus?

Progress on a post-COVID Green Stimulus: Physical Attraction Podcast Script

Technology, Inequality and Global Catastrophic Risks: Podcast Script

Will COVID-19 be a turning point on climate change?

Rutherford’s Atom — Podcast Script

Nuclear Fusion

The Psychology of The End

Good Vibrations: The Simple Harmonic Oscillator

Spontaneous Emission: The Radiation Episode

Hot and Heavy — The story of Stellar Formation


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